Friday, May 25, 2012

Fort Mifflin

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia to partake in one of my guilty pleasures... ghost hunting.

This will be my third outing with the Ideal Event Management people. Each time I learn a little bit more and become more comfortable with what I'm doing. Each time we go, we also seem to purchase a new piece of equipment. So far, we have a digital voice recorder, K-II and Mel-meter. I just had my laser grid order arrive, but it doesn't seem to be working very well. I don't know if I got a dud or if my batteries are weak.

It's funny... at our first investigation last year (at Fort Mifflin), I was just excited to meet the people from TAPS/Ghost Hunters/Syfy channel. Now I'm more interested in investigating the sites and just see the people there as helpful sounding boards. It's been fun to meet all of the paranormal "celebrities." Turns out they're just people - who knew? One of them was cordial enough, but incredibly arrogant in a Ron Burgundy kind of way. A few turned out to be a lot more likable and funny than they appear on television. Many of them I'd love to sit and have a beer with. Reality TV is like that... you only see a few minutes of each person despite hundreds of hours of footage taken during any episode.

Hopefully we'll get some good evidence tomorrow. I think that we're getting better at asking questions, and I'm doing more research before we go to the places. It helps if you have a clue what went on during the location's history and who might have been present.

More updates and photos to come... I want to post some of our house rehab pictures, so anyone who reads can have a better appreciation for the work that we've put into it.

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