Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The sad state of DCFD

My amazing husband is a DC Fireman. Ahem, I mean a member of FEMS.

I don't usually post about my husband's job, but the stuff going on there is seriously leaving me scratching my head.

Most recently, "FEMS" was called for a fire. What was burning? Their medical and personnel files containing confidential information:

Ellerbe demoting and transferring officers for using their brain when making a decision:

$70,000 in NFPA certified shirts sitting unused because of the incorrect logo:

Ellerbe had several sexual harassment complaints in Sarasota, DC officials never asked to see his personnel records or do a thorough background check. Not to mention that he defrauded the IRS by claiming the Homestead Tax Credit in DC while living in Florida:

When the rank and file showed civil disobedience, FEMS PIO tweets that they were racist:

Firefighter recently burned doing his job is disciplined for wearing the wrong logo:

A great article summarizing the recent debacle going on:

A few more articles on veiled threats, the proposed shift change, and the myriad orders regarding uniforms:

Sure doesn't sound like a place that I'd like to work. I sure hope that things change soon... morale is in the toilet!

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  1. Several of my friends have husbands who are professional fire fighters in Montgomery County-- I don't know how the men do it or how the wives stay so supportive-- its a tough and demanding job when they are working and when they are not!