Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Key West Wedding

I finally finished my wedding photobook! Although I have to say that at $144, I'm balking at the pricetag. I think I'll wait until I get an awesome coupon code to buy it. Putting it together was time-consuming, but it was fun to look through all of the photos again. :)

I have to say, looking through these photos makes me want to experience that week all over again. I had such an awesome time, and from what I've been told, everyone had an even better time than I did. We ended up having far more people in Key West than we had anticipated... I understand that not everyone can make a destination wedding, and we did this partially to cut down on the guest list. Little did I know that we would have over FIFTY friends come down to celebrate with us. It was overwhelming... so much for a destination wedding helping our budget!

Everyone has a disaster story from their wedding. Looking back on my disaster, it wasn't such a big deal... but at the time I was pretty traumatized. Having attended a bachelorette party where the bride did a faceplant into the concrete outside of the last bar we visited(3 weeks before her wedding and knocking out several of her teeth), I had it easy. In defense of brides worldwide, planning a wedding is stressful. Planning a destination wedding and two receptions is insane. If I had it to do all over again, I probably would have axed the reception at home. That's for another rant, though.

So my wedding disaster story started on Thursday night, which was to be our big night out before the wedding. The afternoon started with a wonderful cookout and swanky juice (a concoction we made one night while having an apron dance party)... then the ladies and a few brave men went to the drag show with us. After the drag show, we hit Duval Street and a number of different bars. While we were out, some of our group reconvened and the New York (Jay's best friend Brian, who is currently living in Costa Rica) clan arrived. Well we continued bar-hopping until the wee hours, when we went back to our place and our 85 degree pool. For real, it was that warm. Anyway, we were all hanging out in the pool and I was swimming from side to side, trying to stay awake to hang out with everyone (a number of us had been up from 5am for a Dry Tortugas trip that didn't happen). I swam from side to side, doing a forward somersault when I reached the opposite side... well, let's just say that between my natural spacial relations issues and my slight inebriation, I misjudged the side of the pool. THWACK! Face-pool. My upper lip had hit the side of the pool full-force and scraped-split my philtrum real good. Best man - Hey, are you okay? You're bleeding!
Just what a bride-to-be wants to hear the day before her wedding - that her face is bleeding!


There is more to the story, I turned a little Bridezilla... hopefully no one held it against me. That area is incredibly sensitive and it hurt like hell. I wished that I'd had the common sense to put ice on it sooner and helped with the swelling, but I was having my Bridezilla moment and instead of being sensible and getting Jay to help me, I was Bridezilla.
Fortunately, Angela is amazing with make-up and fixed me up perfectly for the photos. I imagine our photographer used photoshop magic as well. The only bummer was that it hurt so much to smile that I feel like I didn't smile as naturally in our photos because my lip hurt so much.

There's something funny that happens after you get married... perspective, I guess. I look back on it now and think... it was a great time.
It's a little embarrassing, because the weddings that we've attended since - people who were at our wedding always comes up to us and say, "Yeah, this is fun, but remember YOUR wedding?!?!!?"
How could I ever forget?
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