Friday, June 8, 2012


I need some time to unwind and de-stress. It’s been a crazy busy few weeks/months. I’m feeling rundown and stressed out. I love my new job, but there is still a learning curve to contend with. It’s not a difficult job by any means, but it’s pretty different from anything I’ve done before. I’m also the treasurer for a great non-profit, but they are going through some major growth right now, and while that is wonderful for the organization, it’s not so wonderful for me. There are lots of questions and lots of paperwork coming at a time that I need to be sending out wires for grant recipients, plus all of the stuff going on at home. I no longer have any “free time” at work, like I had when we were going through the MTB merger. I also have a board position with the arts council (which I absolutely love and I could hardly call stressful). I’m so overwhelmed at the moment that I just want to break down and scream. Or cry. Or some mixture of the two.

So between the new job, non-profit jobs, the house rehab/garden/farm, being a new-ish wife, and still trying to have some kind of social life and be a good friend, I’m kind of stressed out. I think that what it boils down to is that I need to learn how to say no.  

My NY in-laws (God love ‘em) have a habit of changing their plans every five minutes, so you have no idea what is going on with them until they’re knocking on your front door. Originally, my MIL had planned to visit us sometime while my SIL was visiting from AZ. Okay, that sounds great. Well that plan ended up ridiculously convoluted and I was cleaning like a madwoman after finding out that we weren’t getting my MIL at all that day, but my BIL and niece. Then my MIL and Nana (Jay’s grandmother) decided to come over after all the day after my BIL and niece came over. I consider myself a pretty laid-back person, but I’d like to know when we’re going to be having guests at least a few days (preferably weeks) ahead of time. It would just be nice if I had a little notice and I knew who was coming – and when they were coming, and how long they would be staying. Is that too much to ask?

My SIL Colleen (who is thankfully someone who plans ahead) arrived on Tuesday and is staying for two weeks. Jay is off gallivanting with his buddies at a bachelor party in WV. We are having a great time in his absence – Whino Wednesday at Harry’s on the Green, last night we went to the library, Clayton Farms, and then had an adventure at the auction in American Corner.

I had planned to take Colleen out tonight and show her a crazy eastern shore redneck bar, but we’re going to lay low instead. I really need some downtime. So tonight we’re having a nice dinner, drinking wine, and watching bad tv. Maybe we’ll get wild and have a mealworm frenzy with the chickens.

I can’t wait to go home and relax. I’ve earned it. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to take a bath in our Jacuzzi tub sometime soon.

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