Monday, July 2, 2012

Warning - Graphic photos of Dresdy's injury

As gruesome as some might find this, I want to share my experience of Dresdy's injury in hopes that these posts will help someone like me who is a first-time chicken raising person, completely traumatized by everything she reads.

I love my chicken, but a hefty vet bill for a chicken that could die tomorrow from her injuries or any other random incident isn't worth it to me. Some people would have culled her already, but I want to give her as much of a chance as I can.

As long as she seems happy, doesn't appear to be in much pain, and is eating and drinking, I see no reason to make any rash decisions like wing amputation or culling her. Sure, her wing may heal awkwardly - but she was never a good flyer to begin with, which is probably how she hurt herself to begin with. :-P

I'll try to post daily updates on how she is doing and what kind of treatment options I've pursued. 

Here is my post from the Backyard Chickens forum that I've been frequenting:

Okay, I now have some photos.

I think there's a possibility that the wing might not be broken, but with the end of the bone sticking out like it is, it looks like it. She still tries to flap it and struggle when I'm cleaning it out and putting more antibiotic ointment on. So I'm thinking that since she can still move it, that's a good prognosis.

I'm hopeful about it today, because when I first noticed the injury, it looked like more of the bone was sticking out and the end of it was actually dry. When I looked at it today, it is bleeding a little and it looks like some tissue is trying to form around it.

I bought some Blu-Kote, which I see people seem to use. I'm a little worried about using it on the open wound right on the bone though. Has anyone done that before??

I took her outside for a little while this afternoon so she could see her friends (through the fence, of course - I didn't want to risk them picking at her). She was happy to scratch around and be a normal chicken and was not happy to be brought back inside. I'd put her out there in a dog crate, but with her open wound, I don't want flies getting into it. :(

Anyway, here are the photos.. they aren't very good because I have no one to help me at the moment and all I have is my cell phone camera.


This is after I trimmed away some of the feathers, so you can kind of see the wound positioning.


A closer image of the wound


Hanging her upside down seemed to offer me the best angle to document her injury.

Now I'm kind of wondering if maybe it isn't broken and she got it from the other birds pecking at her? Seems pretty severe for something like that, but I guess it's possible.

I wrapped her wing with vet tape, because she seemed to be pecking at the wound once I put the ointment on it. Do they make cones of shame for chickens??

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