Sunday, August 19, 2012

More photos from this summer

Here are some more photos from this summer

 Peeps on the way out to their coop. I can't get over how tiny they were... I could probably only fit one or two chickens in the same tub now

Out in the coop for the first time

Proof that I actually have done work on the house... I'm putting in laminate flooring

Alpaca from our outing... I think this one looks like an Ewok

My sister in law Colleen, Jay & me at the Southern Summer Cocktail party 

Staining the foyer floor

Foyer floor staining project

Inaugural High Heel Race

Jay never actually got to race :(

More high heel race

Installing the siding

Tiling the kitchen, take two

Winery stop the day before Ben & Caroline's wedding - the one I hauled kegs for :-P

Even though it was a lot of work for the wedding party and their spouses, the setting was gorgeous

Sheehan and Priscilla before the ceremony

We spent the day with Laura, Jared & munchkin Lincoln on their boat a few weekends ago... Jay tried waterskiing for the first time. I was too much of a wuss to try

This was us at Jay's cousin's wedding in the Berkshires

Another photo of us at the wedding

Siding 95% complete... we still have to get the dormers done, but apart from that, it's done! :)


  1. The house looks awesome with all the new siding-- what a transformation!

  2. Thanks Kelly! We are getting there finally. :) The next time you're home, you'll have to stop by for a tour!