Thursday, August 2, 2012

We got our first egg!!

Jay texted me this photo today... of course, he didn't put anything beside it for a size comparison.

However, I won't give him a hard time because he just spent 36 hours on the ambulance in DC. I'm surprised that he pulled out the egg instead of the golf balls!

I'm not sure who it came from... could have been one of our black stars or one of the golden comets. The black stars will be 17 weeks on Sunday and the Golden Comets are around 16 weeks today.

Of course this had to happen while our kitchen is torn apart and we have nothing to cook with!

Hopefully we can get some grouting done so that we can at least get a sink and stove back in and enjoy some fresh eggs!


Here is a much better photo of said egg. Jay's photo doesn't do the egg justice in size or color. It's tiny but gorgeous!


  1. congratulations!! i got my first one this afternoon!

  2. I've been wondering what you're planning to do with your eggs, Emily! I saw that you actually ate it... what do your other vegan friends think?

    I can't wait to eat mine, but unfortunately I have to share with my husband. I was thinking of hard boiling it and splitting it.

    Hopefully soon we'll have tons of eggs and I won't have to worry about sharing. :) I can't wait to make fresh quiche from the garden and chickens!!

  3. haha, many of my friends were surprised and/or confused. it's taken a lot of explaining. but for me veganism has always been about avoiding things like factory farms--if it wasn't for cruel farming practices i would just be vegetarian. so, knowing that my ladies have happy, healthy little lives means that i can be perfectly ok with eating their eggs. no cruelty involved. if i had a cow i would drink its milk, same thing. there isn't an ethical dilemma, just a...labeling dilemma, i guess.

    i hope you're able to get your kitchen back together soon! maybe my the time you're able to cook you'll have a second egg and not have to split the first one?

  4. I can totally understand that. One of my girlfriends made the decision to be quasi vegan after reading "An Omnivore's Dilemma." After having chickens of my own and seeing how unhappy they are when we have to leave them in the coop all day makes me realize how awful most commercial egg operations are. I've been trying to make better choices in what I eat, although I don't think there's any way I could be vegan or vegetarian. We were at a couple's farm a few weeks ago who raise cattle humanely and without any hormones or antibiotics. Their animals were extremely well taken care of and we are planning to purchase meat from them in the future (once we have a freezer). There is also a great place near us called Cedar Run Cattle which runs a great operation - free range poultry, hormone & ab-free cattle and pigs. We're having a party in October and I'm planning to purchase all of our meat from them for the party. We're going to serve all locally sourced food - some of it from our own garden & chickens and the rest from local farms. I'm hoping to get some oysters from the Choptank Oyster company, who have a sustainable aquaculture operation.