Friday, September 14, 2012

Chicken update

We are getting between five and six eggs a day now. I've stockpiled 3 dozen eggs (either tiny pullet eggs or the awkwardly shaped kind) for our Green Carpet party next month.

This was our farewell to Dresdy (aka Dresden)... he is now living at Cedar Run Farm. We dropped him off when we bought their tasty sampler pack and put down our deposit for the meat for our party

There he goes off to join his new harem. He didn't even give us a backwards glance!

That's Dresden in the back of the flock... he's checking out all of his new buddies

Dresden's new peeps

More eggs... they're getting bigger! 

Some of the girls

I love this photo

Mouse, protector of the girls

She was not pleased that I was bothering her private time in the nesting box

This was one of our freakish eggs. We've had a lot of oblong eggs... not sure if our hen will keep laying them, but I've had a few double-yolkers

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  1. i love the orange-eye chickens! i'm glad dresdy found a nice home.