Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cedar Run Trip

Well I have some wonderful news... Dresden is alive and well at Cedar Run Farm!

On our way to pick up our meat, Jay and I were wondering if we would be seeing our little buddy again. We were prepared for the worst, thinking that his previous injuries and stupidity with picking on the wrong guy would finally catch up with him.

Turns out that we were happily wrong!

Jay goes, "I see Dresdy!!" I didn't believe him, but then there he was. We called him and he came running over to check things out.

Then, he ignored us. After all, he has an image to keep.

Cedar Run also has a host of free-range turkeys. I wish that we were hosting Thanksgiving this year so that we could get one. When they say that their poultry is free range, it really is. I'm happy that what I'm eating is kept humanely and has lived a happy life before it's sacrificed for my dinner.

A member of the Cedar Run Cattle herd... their cattle lives much longer than most other beef producers. While most commercial operations slaughter their animals at an average of 18 months of age, theirs average 4 to 5 years old.

 I hope that we have enough meat for our party... a 16 pound pork shoulder, 5 pounds of London Broil and a free range chicken for the buffalo chicken dip. Plus a few pounds of spicy sausage, which is AMAZING. I will never be able to enjoy sausage from anywhere else now... they have ruined me for life.

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