Thursday, December 13, 2012

25 Things

Since I sometimes have trouble coming up with things to blog about, I decided that making lists would be a good thing to do. Instead of writing about my entire Florida trip, I condensed it to 25 things I learned (or confirmed) on the trip. 

  1. Business class makes flying much more enjoyable. The upgrade fee is definitely worth it.
  2. The state of Florida has the worst drivers in the entire country.
  3. Miami is not my kind of city. Too many designer labels, stilettos, overpriced drinks, and fake people. Give me a dive bar full of friendly locals wearing jeans and offering PBR specials any day.
  4. Art Basel is an experience best enjoyed for a limited amount of time, wearing comfortable shoes, and having the freedom to roam many galleries. Hanging around the same place for hours on end is crazy boring.
  5. You can throw globs of paint on a canvas and sell it for $50,000.
  6. Chewing gum has a magnetic attraction to new flip flops.
  7. Never walk long distances in aforementioned new flip flops.
  8. I should sometimes consider my husband’s crazy ideas that involve putting on his socks and cutting out the toes to prevent additional blisters from new flops.
  9. Always carry band-aids.
  10. I'm getting too old to sleep on cheap air mattresses that are deflated by morning.
  11. Coconut water and artisanal rum drinks are disgusting, but those who produce crappy $50,000 art love them.
  12. Sometimes free drinks aren’t worth it.
  13. Tu Tu Tango still has some of my favorite tapas dishes, although their sangria isn't as good as it was a few years ago.
  14. Miami food trucks are awesome - try the chocolate-covered bacon at the Porkalicious food truck.
  15. Bubble tea is weird, but I think I want to try it again.
  16. Having a rental car and no set plans is a fun way to travel.
  17. Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster in Cocoa Beach has some of the tastiest seafood that I’ve ever consumed.
  18. Captain J’s in Cocoa Beach is dead in the off season or when there’s no cruise ship in port. There were two people in the entire restaurant (that holds 300+ people) at 8:30 on a Friday night.
  19. Investigate all potential watering holes before deciding on one place to hang out. There could be something more fun with cheap drinks just a few blocks away.
  20. According to the interwebs, the best way to cure brain freeze is by warming the palate of your mouth with your tongue.
  21. Sometimes you have to make your own fun – all it takes is a 6 pack of beer and Yahtzee!
  22. Don’t forget to take probiotics and use sunblock while taking antibiotics.
  23. One piece bathing suits make going to the bathroom terribly challenging.
  24. Having my own chickens has made me an egg snob. I don’t plan on ordering eggs over easy at a restaurant ever again.
  25. While on a short vacation, make sure that you have some time to relax and don’t spend hours each day driving around.


  1. Oh dear. It sounds like this vaca was maybe not so fun... Hopefully it was at least a little relaxing. And you still have Australia and NZ to look forward to!!!

    1. It was nice to get away, but there was a lot of rushing around. We were on the road for 3 or 4 hours every day, which is not how I want to spend a 3 night vacation. I don't mean to be a debbie downer about everything, but it wasn't the anniversary trip I was expecting (which was partially my fault). However, we got to eat some great food on the trip, the weather was awesome and we got to spend a few hours on the beach. :)

      I am BIG TIME excited for Australia and NZ. We will be on the other side of the world from our problems. :):):):)

      Flight prices are finally beginning to drop, so hopefully we will be booking soon! :):):)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of Miami myself. Business class is a two sided spear... once you flown it (especially on international flights), going back to coach feels like moving into a run down trailer in Alabama.

    1. Glad to know that I have company in the Miami-loathing department. ;) You are so right about business class... the flight home was miserable! I've also flown first class on an international flight. Best ever flying experience. I try not to talk about how awesome it was to my hubby, since my ex is a pilot and that is why we got to fly first class, lol.

  3. sorry it wasn't the best trip...sounds like you did have some fun though. must be refreshing to visit a place so wonderfully warm this time of year.

    will you text me your home address? i have a little xmas gift for you. 208 three four zero, two two three three.