Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last week in photos

Trip to Baltimore for the dentist and happy hour with my old coworkers

USS Constellation

Chickie driving me home from work

One of the peeps hatched from our eggs

Martinak Canoes

Martinak sunset

Osprey... time to get a better lens

Martinak sunset

Lonely sunset

Ancona chickiepoo. I need to name you.

Easter Egger chickie... I think I'm going to name her Chippy...

She is too freaking cute

With those chipmunk cheeks

Dr. Tasty, Esquire inspecting Miss Chippy

And running away...

This chick looks just like Mouse when he was a baby. One of my boss's kids claimed the little guy.

Farewell old IKEA dining room table, you've been good to me! Jay has spent the last week refinishing a table that his grandfather made. I'm struggling a bit with the color, but I'm hoping that eventually I'll get used to the lighter color wood.

Another gratuitous pic of Chippy

One of the White Marans chicks... pretty sure that's what she is. No name yet.

That's all for now!

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