Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm never coming home


Sunrise at Coolangatta

Cook Island scuba dive on the Nauti Cat

New South Wales / Queensland 

White haven


White haven

Whitsunday Getaway sails up

We're on a boat
New friends and great food
Giant mango in Bowen
Nancy me Jay and Darryl at pizza place in Surfers
Korean BBQ in Townsville
So tired

I think we need these at home. But they're very much needed between Dimbulah and Almaden

Outside hotel in Almaden
Wonga beach
Wonga beach
Daintree teahouse and restaurant
Cassowary crossing
Umm. Apparently this is a problem
Roo feeding
I kissed a roo and I liked it
Jay found a friend
Cassowary. I may have fed it.

PS Crocs love prosciutto and salami

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The adventure has begun

I have to say that flying premium economy is the way to go when it comes to long haul flights.
We are ten hours in to our LAX-AUK flight and it has been a hundred times better than our five hour flight across country on U. S. Air. Air New Zealand is my new favorite airline.
In a little less than 2 hours we will be landing in Auckland. Then it's on to Brisbane and finally seeing Aunt Nancy after too many years.
Three weeks without work or family drama. The stress began melting away Saturday morning as we prepared to leave for the airport.
Life is awesome today.
From the wedding we attended on Friday.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Words Wednesday - The Healthier Me Edition

Okay, so just a few words.

The weight loss plateau has been a huge PITA. I've been so focused on the numbers on the scale that I've neglected to see the changes in my body.

Top right: Wedding - July 2012  Top left: Niagara Falls - August 2011
Bottom left: February 2013 (two weeks after start of diet) Bottom right - June 2012

Total weight loss: 12 pounds and holding...  8 pounds until I'm no longer considered "overweight"

Please be kind... I have no make-up on!
Left photo: April 1st.  Right photo:  May 1st. More tan and slightly leaner, yet I weigh the same.

But here's the thing. Last night at the pub, two of my friends joked about how big my biceps were. I'd just finished an 800 yard swimming exercise of death that my friend Sherye had given me. Haven't drowned yet.

I'm not sure if it's the swimming or the post hole digging over the weekend, but yes, my arms are looking more strong.

Please pardon the goofy facial expressions

I will keep tracking my weight, but I will instead focus more on how my clothes are fitting, eating healthy, and continuing to exercise regularly.

I'm not going to be as strict with tracking my food and exercise while we're on vacation. I think that I'll keep a handwritten journal of exercise, but besides that I don't think I'll be tracking too much. I'm planning to be active while we're there so as long as I don't gain, I should be okay.

Only ten nine days until we leave for vacation. I'm saying nine, since we'll be in NJ next Friday for a wedding. Initially I was annoyed that we are missing another day in Australia, but it will be nice to hang out with some fun people the day before we leave. It will be the perfect kickoff to 21 days of R&R&A (rest, relaxation and a healthy dose of adventure too!). I need them and goshdarnit, I deserve them.