Wednesday, June 26, 2013

101 in 1001 or 202 in 21

Here is our 202 list... the list isn't perfect. I think there are a few things and ideas repeated, but I've managed to assemble things in a somewhat chronological order.

I'll post my itinerary soon with photos from each day.

As you can see with number one, we began our journey in New Jersey on May 10th.
  1. Make a left in Jersey
  2. Fall in love with Air New Zealand's Premium Economy
  3. Cuddle a koala
  4. Feed a kangaroo
  5. Get molested by lorikeets
  6. Be involved in an AFA (automatic fire alarm - this happened in Coolangatta)
  7. Watch surfers
  8. Walkabout
  9. Use a public restroom (OZ has tons of really nice ones!!)
  10. Try a flat white coffee
  11. Eat beef cheeks
  12. Try out SCUBA diving
  13. Pet a sea turtle
  14. Not get bitten by a carpet shark (Jay thought our dive instructor wanted him to pet it)
  15. Find Nemo (found him MANY times!)
  16. Watch the sun rise in Coolangatta
  17. Pet a fish 
  18. Play Apples to Apples
  19. Jaywalk comfortably (it's harder than it looks when you're used to right-hand side driving)
  20. Stand between two states (NSW and QLD)
  21. Find a spot for dad in Coolangatta (he's in the dunes and under a pine tree - I thought he'd enjoy all the lorikeets)
  22. Sing with Aunt Nancy (we had a little concert on my last night there)
  23. Swallow a live fly (Jay drank a fly in his wineglass)
  24. Find Whites Beach (black sand - we found a similar beach in Bayview, NZ)
  25. Try Australian pizza 
  26. Make a u-turn on the runway (Proserpine Airport is TINY!)
  27. Concerns a boat... activity is censored! :)
  28. Pee off of a boat
  29. Not shower for two days (pact made by fellow Whitsunday Getaway couples)
  30. Step in cow poo
  31. Walk down railroad tracks
  32. Find and try Korean BBQ (AWESOME - in Townsville)
  33. Book the last hotel room (at the holiday inn in Townsville)
  34. Smash toe in hotel room (seriously who puts a 1" metal lip between the bedroom and bathroom?)
  35. Get freaked out in Dimbulah
  36. Go over a scary f'n bridge (Destination Truth style!!)
  37. Go through the Bismarck Range
  38. Share the road.... with cows
  39. Drive in the dark
  40. Walk in a rainforest
  41. Spot for dad in Daintree Rainforest (Daintree Discovery Center - seemed like his kinda place)
  42. Eat rainforest ice cream
  43. Ride a ferry (across croc-infested waters)
  44. Go on a croc river cruise
  45. Eat kangaroo (at the Daintree Tea House)
  46. Drive windy roads in Daintree (and not die)
  47. Figure out how to use air conditioning in hotel room (took us two hours - had to put our hotel key in a slot)
  48. Chat with locals (yep, lots of that)
  49. See how racist locals are (OMG the racism in OZ was bizarre)
  50. Get elfed by a 9 year old (in Almaden of all places)
  51. Feel like we were on Destination Truth (so many times)
  52. Not see any wildlife in Daintree Discovery Center. $60
  53. Have a wine and cheese night
  54. Something censored to do with the Outback
  55. Take pictures of Australian chickens
  56. Steal an Outback newspaper (front page was about the Wheelbarrow Race)
  57. Drive over a waterfall (did this several times)
  58. See wild crocodiles
  59. See a baby crocodile
  60. Attempt to sneak into zoo at night (then later find out it was open and we could've gone in)
  61. Feed a cassowary
  62. Feed an animal prosciutto
  63. Feed a wallaby
  64. Get eaten by mosquitoes
  65. Stay at a hotel in a zoo
  66. Finish Kvothe (the Kingkiller Chronicles) - this was super sadface, we enjoyed this audiobook. Hope the author comes out with a new book soon!
  67. Draw on each other (I think this happened on the wine and cheese night)
  68. Eat strong and bitey cheese (I love what they call stuff over there)
  69. Have Cuban rum
  70. Enjoy the best mojito ever at Fish d'vine 
  71. Boop a kangaroo
  72. Pat a kookaburra
  73. Pat a dingo 
  74. Feed a croc prosciutto
  75. Watch croc attack a piece of cured meat
  76. Poke a squirrel glider
  77. Feed a wallaby (hmm. it appears we did that in 63. oh well)
  78. Feed a cockatoo or twenty
  79. Taunt a cassowary
  80. Something to do with a rainforest
  81. Have a wallaby growl at you
  82. Have a dingo snap at you
  83. Get bitten by an emu
  84. Touch a wombat
  85. Feed a cassowary (oops, 61)
  86. Feed a kookaburra
  87. Start a croc feeding frenzy (oops! apparently they really enjoy salami - who knew?)
  88. Break tooth on salami
  89. Baby bird a croc (see breaking tooth on salami)
  90. Boop a quolle
  91. Visit the Giant Mango in Bowen
  92. Dive 3 sites in the Great Barrier Reef - the Agincourt Reef and Low Isles on Poseidon
  93. Learn more dive skills and actually be tested and expect to do stuff
  94. Take regulator out of mouth on purpose
  95. See a white-tipped reef shark
  96. Hold a sea cucumber
  97. Nearly get puked on
  98. Ride the vomit comet
  99. Run into Sally & Chris on the dock having happy hour after getting off dive boat
  100. Surf the Bay on the front of the Poseidon a la Titanic
  101. Stinky Plastic Couple - Ewww.
  102. Get offered free drinks at the Sea Temple because our rooms weren't ready - AND WE WERE EARLY for check in!
  103. Have a private hot tub session
  104. BBQ our own food at Sea Temple on our rooftop deck
  105. Wash a pack of cigarettes and try to hide it (Jay was supposed to quit smoking for this trip, but brought an emergency pack... he washed nearly the whole thing and made quite a mess)
  106. Get upgraded to nice apartment
  107. Buy souvenirs
  108. Stay at Horse and Jockey in at Matamata
  109. Have a terrible fried dinner at the Horse and Jockey (pork wontons and curly fries)
  110. Hear neighbors in next room peeing because of hole in the wall
  111. Leave Horse & Jockey via the fire exit
  112. Go from six people in our tour group at Hobbiton to fifty
  113. Have a rather obnoxious tour guide at Hobbiton
  114. Have a half pint at the Green Dragon
  115. Get called a "Little Hobbit"
  116. See bag End
  117. See Gandalf's limb
  118. Discover why the toilet squatting sign exists (in Hobbiton)
  119. Hobbiton - where the urinal cakes are hobbit-sized and so are the beers
  120. Have an awesome dinner at HuHu Cafe
  121. Have awesome dessert at HuHu Cafe
  122. Have best culinary experience EVER at HuHu (Waitomo)
  123. Sleep in a Hobbit Motel
  124. Meet Barry aka Billy Black
  125. Abseil 35 meters and not get stuck or die
  126. Zipline in pitch black under glow worms
  127. Jump into freezing cold water (10C)
  128. Ride a tube underground (blackwater raft)
  129. Cave slide 
  130. Survive double waterfall of death
  131. Get invited hunting in Mississippi (and met our first Americans)
  132. Stub toe on rock after caving trip and lose a toenail
  133. Something about hot springs
  134. Go skinny dipping in hot spring
  135. Eat good Thai food
  136. Something about a trailer
  137. See Mount Doom from our breakfast table
  138. Simply walk into Mordor (we figure that if we could see Mt Doom from our breakfast table, we were already in Mordor)
  139. Have a disgusting cider (Elderflower & Apple and Black currant & Apple)
  140. Pass a tractor without incident
  141. Visit our new kiwi friends in Bayview/Napier (Sally & Chris)
  142. Go on black beach and find cool shit
  143. Find a spot for dad in Hawkes Bay (at the end of Franklin Road on the beach)
  144. Get a private tour of Napier/Hastings by kiwis
  145. Do a tasting at Cidery and TeMATA
  146. Learn about scrumpy hands, possum and cone - best drinking games ever
  147. Have an authentic kiwi dinner (roast & 3-veg)
  148. Get completely shitfaced (7 bottles of wine, 2L scrumpy and a 6 pack of beer consumed by 4 people)
  149. Eat a roach (that was all Jay - quite the entomologist this trip!)
  150. Draw best map of USA ever 
  151. Sleep in a vineyard (they grow Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot & Chardonnay varieties)
  152. Spill stuff on our gracious hosts' carpet
  153. Go wandering about hosts' house in underwear
  154. Sleep naked in another bed from where you initially were sleeping (and wake up with no idea where you are)
  155. Soak up spillage with socks
  156. Wake up and have no idea where your husband is
  157. Black out from Scrumpy (or everything else)
  158. Drink 3 bottles of 2004 award-winning wine
  159. Exclaim, "What the fuck happened last night??"
  160. Puke
  161. Consider leaving before your hosts wake up
  162. Get invited to stay a second night
  163. Try Ginger Beer
  164. Drive with one of the worst hangovers ever (on the other side of the road through crazy mountain passes and one lane bridges_
  165. Have a good lunch in Rotorua (Mac's Steaks)
  166. Walk Lake Trail in Rotorua
  167. Watch Asians with cameras feed birds an entire loaf of bread (despite signs)
  168. Take a dump in a public toilet
  169. See an Indian (presumable American Indian??) on horseback walk down a sidewalk in Tauranga
  170. Learn Tauranga is not a place we want to stay
  171. Pay a toll
  172. Arrive in Mount Maunganui after doubting its existence (drove forever through shipyards)
  173. Discover it's difficult to book hotels during the Queen's Birthday Weekend (observed June 3rd 2013)
  174. Book the last available hotel in town at Macca's using their free wifi (Baywatch Motor Inn)
  175. Develop a disturbing arrythmia (this was Jay, he eventually got better... we think it was due to an electrolyte imbalance from the puking/drinking plus lack of sleep)
  176. Have the best pork belly ever (Latitude 37 or Vine in Taupo)
  177. See (and play) the FJ Cruiser game
  178. Tip a grateful waitress at Latitude 37
  179. Find a spot for dad in Mt Maunganui
  180. Avoid getting run into by runner (there was some kind of crazy run/walk/bike ride thing happening there)
  181. Eat mincemeat pie - delicious!
  182. Walk across a CRAZY bridge
  183. Start a parking trend
  184. Almost get run over by a mountain biker
  185. Spot a giant mushroom
  186. Successfully drop off rental car
  187. Take a weird-ass bus ride
  188. Spot homeless people (they're pretty much the same worldwide) - then consider giving them a bottle of wine
  189. Mistakenly see Auckland by staying on a bus too long
  190. Be surprised by an awesome dinner at Lord Nelson's in Auckland
  191. Get a second Skycouch AND be undercharged for it
  192. Catch the airport bus perfectly
  193. Be test subjects for the egate (I was denied!)
  194. Find and buy Cuban rum
  195. Debate merits of buying a sheepskin rug at the airport. In hindsight, I kinda wish we had. Even though I have no idea what I'd do with it.
  196. Kick a guy off Skycouch
  197. Something about Cuban rum. What? You want mojitos?
  198. Walk on Manhattan Beach Pier (back in CA)
  199. Run into couple from our flight to the US from New Zealand (South Islanders) at El Sombrero in Manhattan Beach. They were heading to the Caribbean to spend a few months on a friend's yacht. You know, since their growing season is over (another vineyard owning couple).
  200. Not lose wallet in El Segundo
  201. Get Roxie to start (it took some coaxing, sweet girl... she has nearly 300k on her and she was sitting for THREE WEEKS!)
  202. Survive the trip, including the drive home

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