Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lots of Lists!

So I'm back into making lists... long-term and short term lists. A few years ago, I started doing the 101 in 1001. That list was started in 2007, which seems like an entire lifetime ago.

Well, I'm bringing it back. Go check it out. I've also created a link at the top of the blog for easy access so that you can shame me into doing things.

I'm working on my new 101 list that I hope to have up on Sunday. I arbitrarily chose Sunday July 7th as my start date. It seemed as good a time as any.

Here's how the Summer Bucket List is going:
  • Send Aunt Nancy & Uncle Darryl a Thank You basket
I've bought all of the things for their basket... now I just need to assemble it and get to the post office. I also had a wonderful Skype with her tonight... it was so cool to see the background and know where she was in her house. I know that sounds weird. But seeing her sitting at the desk and thinking that I was sitting there less than two months ago is kind of cool. And sad. But cool. We are talking about meeting up in Europe next year, probably in September. Fingers crossed that it all works out!
  • Send Sally & Chris (our NZ people) a Thank You basket
Ditto on this one... although I need to find my recipe for shrimp and grits. I'm sending them some grits as part of their thank you basket and thought it'd be cool to include my recipe.
  • Find frames for koala and lorikeet photos – then hang them
Done! Well, kind of. They're now framed and on display, but I have to check with Jay on where he wants to hang them. I'm thinking of putting them in the hallway/up the stairs.
  • Have rooster for dinner
We were supposed to do this on Sunday, but Jay had a rough day/night at work and slept for most of the day.
  • Do the adult ropes challenge course at Tuckahoe
I need to sign up for this - it's on the 27th of this month I think.
  • Go fishing
I was supposed to do this on Saturday, but apparently it created an uproar amongst other women and then all of the ladies wanted to go fishing with their men. So now I'm not going. C'est la vie. D'accord, pas vraiment. C'est le poisson! 
  • Complete two weeks of Couch25K (I’m aiming low)
I was thinking of starting tonight. That has to count for something, right?

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