Thursday, August 8, 2013

25 Things – If I had a million dollars

Or more accurately, $245 million dollars (cash payout). 

Like anyone who has ever spent a buck buying a lottery ticket, I spend the days around the drawing thinking about what I’d do with my cash.

Here are 25 Things that I would do (in no particular order) if I won:
  1. Quit my job (with two weeks notice, of course – I would even stay on to train my replacement)
  2. Hire a great trust lawyer 
  3. Hire my old coworkers from Wilmington Trust to manage my money (I’d need my planner/CPA, investment guru, trust experts and personal banker)
  4. Set up a trust to own a business or two
  5. Set up another trust to provide for my family
  6. Have one of the businesses pay my friends to be my friends
  7. Fund a business idea for my friends 
  8. Set up a philanthropic foundation
  9. Fully fund my dad’s scholarship fund (perhaps through the foundation) 
  10. Buy this island for our commune 
  11. Buy this penthouse in Coolangatta
  12. Buy this property in Key West 
  13. Buy a winery in New Zealand - that way I'll never run out of wine!
  14. Go to school full-time and get a 4 year degree
  15. Get massages once a week
  16. Have a spa day once a month
  17. Hire a housekeeper – I despise cleaning!
  18. Get in fantastic shape with all of my free time
  19. Hire a personal shopper/stylist
  20. Do a SCUBA liveaboard trip in Australia to the GBR and the Whitsundays
  21. Visit Antarctica and play with the penguins
  22. Invest in Downtown Denton
  23. Buy a boat or two (as an investment for bareboat/charters and to play whenever I wanted)
  24. Buy our neighbors' houses & rehab their properties
  25. Shark cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa
Those things are on my list... what would YOU do with $245 million? What do you think, Kelly

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