Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend plans

The hubby and I are supposed to have date night tonight. Date night last month was canceled because our friend Brian came to visit. One advantage to having date night on the first Friday of the month is that we get bonus points on our Chase Sapphire Preferred Card for anything we spend dining.

Jay wants to do something active. I'm not so sure that my body is up for much more than a walk. I've been good. Too good. Since last Friday, I have only had one day off of active. Couch 25k runs were on Friday, Monday, and Thursday (yesterday). Last Saturday I went kayaking and did the ropes course. Tuesday I went to Pilates with Angela, where my hip was making horrifying noises and gave me quite a lot of trouble. Wednesday is our SCUBA night, which burns a ton of calories.

I also suffer from migraines. Over the past week, I have had no less than four. I woke up with one this morning as well. I have been burning through the Imitrex, believe me. I had ONE beer this week. My boss joked that maybe I was getting so many migraines because I wasn't drinking enough.

This is the only drink I had this week

So let's just say that tonight I am really not feeling up to being active. I want to have dinner somewhere nice, go on a stroll through town, then go home and watch a movie. 

If the hubs insists on doing something active, I am going to suggest that we go to the Caroline County Fair, where we can watch the Dress a Goat and Greased Pig contests. I'm pretty sure that they also have a rock wall on the fairgrounds, so if he wants to be active, he can climb that while I watch.

Tomorrow, I'll be helping with setup for Fiber Fest and then hopefully we will be going down to the beach. Also on tap for this weekend: marshmallow making and rooster eating. 

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