Friday, November 1, 2013

25 Things - Fall Bucket List

I have finally come up with 25 things that I would like to accomplish for the fall season... I will keep the list updated here

I've already accomplished #3, #4, #7, and #11. I am in the process of completing #8, #10, #12, #16, #17, and #20.

Fall 2013 Bucket List:

  1. Make pumpkin pie crunch and post it on the blog
  2. Host a fall party
  3. Complete my PADI Open Water Certification
  4. Run 1 mile without stopping
  5. Swim 1000 yards 
  6. Send out holiday cards
  7. Narrow down new car choices to 2 vehicles
  8. Make a batch of wine
  9. Make mulled cider 
  10. Complete my PADI Advanced Open Water Certification
  11. Attend a Literary Supper
  12. Make at least one clothing donation to Purple Heart
  13. Mark all diving equipment
  14. Start brushing the cats regularly
  15. Buy new litterboxes & find a new place for them
  16. Agree on weekly housecleaning list & laminate it for fridge
  17. Make photobook from OZ & NZ trip
  18. Peruse Black Friday ad and possibly purchase desktop computer
  19. Make brownies from scratch
  20. Give away 3 hens
  21. Shop at Bead Soup for Christmas gifts
  22. Actually start this oil pulling nonsense
  23. Get a gait analysis done & buy new running shoes
  24. Make Jay a kick-ass birthday dinner
  25. Attend Punkin Chunkin

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  1. I have a really good and super easy brownie recipe from ATK if you're looking for one!