Friday, November 15, 2013

First World Problems

Remember when I was feeling out of sorts a few months back?

I'm feeling a little stressed at the moment. But in a good way. Today I met with the person about the job opportunity I mentioned in the aforementioned post. I didn't think that the person was going to be able to provide me with a reasonable offer. So I wasn't worried about our meeting today. In fact, I was completely unprepared for our meeting.

As a matter of fact, this week I told Jay that I felt a little bit guilty for wasting the person's time. After all, there's no way that he could possibly compete with my awesome benefits at my current job.

When we were setting up our meeting, my possible future boss said he was going to make me an offer I couldn't refuse. 

And then he did. Or he at least has given me a LOT to think about.

I have a few weeks to give him an answer. He wants me to start January 1st. It's bad timing, as my  vacation is scheduled during the second week in December. I'm also considering taking a week off between jobs. And then there is the annual Christmas bonus, which I doubt that I'll get if I'm leaving. 

I don't want to leave my present employer in a bind. And I really love my new boss, our Regional Medical Director. I also really like the directors and the people that I've made friends with here. I'm finally starting to fit in, I think.

But then there's no chance for advancement here. Unless I wanted to go work in the Baltimore offices. 

Am I happy plugging along in a fairly simple job, where I have to deal with jerks fairly frequently (just had someone today whining about their schedule)? I make a good wage and have excellent benefits, except for vacation. Or do I take an opportunity where in just a few years, I may be working in a managerial capacity. Definitely more skill involved with this position, and I'll have to get my Series 7 license pretty much right away. But I'll also get an extra week and a half off. And a slightly shorter commute.

My possible-future-boss did tell me that I was free to call my position whatever I wanted. So that's kind of fun. He said that as long as I get Registered Assistant next to my name ASAP, he doesn't care what I call my position. 

With this offer, I've felt a bit like my friend Kelly who has joked about having a four leaf clover shoved up her ass. When so many people are unemployed or underemployed, I find it a little overwhelming that someone has sought me out for this opportunity. The whole process has been more like a reverse interview.

So if I go through with all of this, it means that I'll probably end up scrapping that Social Work degree and going for my Business Administration degree. 

First world problems, I know. 

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