Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Work Day, by the Numbers

Number of minutes late...
Departing my house: 11 (0641)
Arriving at the hospital for 0730 meeting: -11 (0719 arrival)
Starting the staff meeting: 6

School buses and other vehicles driving 5 mph under the speed limit: 3
Yellow lights sped through: 2

Panera bags and boxes to carry for breakfast meeting: 5
Panera handles that ripped off and sent breakfast items tumbling onto parking lot: 1
Times dropping my personal laptop onto the pavement: 1
Laptop cords tripped over: 3
Coffee spills down the front of my sweater: 2
Stains removed from sweater using soap & water: 0

Corrections to meeting minutes (by one incredibly picky manager): 8
Go-To-Meeting problems: at least 10
Times that I had to mute a director who was causing an echo: 6
Minutes meeting took: 107 

People given OJ and coffee from my cart who I met passing in the halls: 7
Working Hours left until my 4 day weekend: 6
Days until vacation: 10  

Just keep swimming running. Another 5k Friday. And a date to see Catching Fire tomorrow. And my third year of attending an awesome Thanksgiving celebration with friends who are family to me. Unfortunately Jay has to work, so we'll be having second Thanksgiving with my mother on Saturday. Hopefully there will also be some time to pack this weekend.

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