Friday, November 8, 2013

This SCUBA thing is getting out of hand

So we have all of our equipment except for our tanks and weights.

The rationale was that if we have our own equipment, we will dive more and won't have to spend money renting everything. We'll also be used to our own equipment and be safer divers that way. By my calculations, it will take us about 14 days of diving to make up for the cost.

Depending on a few things, I would like to take a long weekend trip to Florida sometime between January and March and either dive with the manatees or finally take another trip down to Key West and stop in Key Largo for a few dives on our way down. Then of course dive a few wrecks in Key West. We can transfer our credit card rewards to Southwest and get a much better deal for flights than what the rewards mall site is offering. So at least our flights will essentially be free, and we can also use rewards points to pay for hotels. Or use Hotwire or Priceline.

Of course, we will also be diving next month when we go to the Dominican Republic. We're planning to do a two tank dive in Rio San Juan with Merlin Divers one day. I would really love to dive the Zingara while we're there, but it's below 100 feet. Even though I'll technically be an Advanced Open Water Diver after this weekend, that doesn't mean that I should be diving that deep yet. I think that we'll probably try out the Airport Wall dive, which goes to 80 feet. 

I found one of the Merlin instructor's blogs... I think that we will get along quite well with that group. They have an after-dive bar at their shop. I know that our resort is all-inclusive, but I think we'll probably enjoy having a few beverages with these folks.

That's enough dive talk for one day... we are off to Lake Rawlings this afternoon for camping and our AOW certification class. I'm bringing our favorite divemaster Cathy a bottle of wine for putting up with us.

One final thought: how gorgeous have the sunsets been this week?

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