Thursday, November 7, 2013

Update on Fall Bucket List

I am making excellent progress on my fall bucket list.

Here is what I've been up to:

·  Mark all diving equipment

I did this on Tuesday night. We decided to take the big hit on diving equipment now instead of buying things in dribs and drabs. So since we’ll be diving with our own equipment for our Advanced Open Water checkouts this weekend, we’ll be saving a little money.

·  Make a batch of wine

Looks kinda gross, doesn't it? A month from now, this will hopefully resemble a beautiful and clear Sauvignon Blanc. Sure looks nasty right now. 

·  Agree on weekly housecleaning list & laminate it for fridge

I have a draft version of this, but I keep forgetting to laminate it.

·  Give away 3 hens

On their way to a new life

This was a little sad for me, but I know that they’ve gone to a good home. The way that this happened was a friend of mine on the arts council mentioned that she was thinking of getting chickens. I told her that she was welcome to try it out with some of mine. And now they have a new home. Sniff. I chose three girls who haven’t exactly been getting along with the rest of the flock… so hopefully they will be happier in their new home.

·  Actually start this oil pulling nonsense

I have been doing this and it's kind of gross. But I will continue for a while. My mouth does feel cleaner after I brush my teeth. The initial melting of the coconut oil is probably what grosses me out the most. It's a solid at room temperature, so you have to wait probably 30 seconds for it to melt.

·  Make Jay a kick-ass birthday dinner

Done! New York strip steak, loaded mashed potatoes and asparagus (cooked in bacon fat, of course)… with funfetti cupcakes for dessert.

·  Attend Punkin Chunkin

Yesterday’s post was from Punkin Chunkin. It was a good time and we might even get on TV.

Moving right along!

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