Friday, December 27, 2013

And another plan...

I haven't heard anything from the person that I began stalking emailed through their Craigslist posting. I tried Facebook friending/messaging them and everything. Their last post was on December 19th, so maybe he just had no puppies left.

So I found yet another breeder, on the slightly puppy-mill-sounding website Actually, aforementioned Craigslist dude had posted on there as well. Anyway,
 the guy has a lot of great reviews on the site and the pups have ot Vitosha lines. Also, the puppies are pretty reasonably priced and included AKC registration, pedigree, health guarantee and vaccinations. So what the hell. I emailed him, he was responsive, answered all of my questions. He even sent pictures of dogs from a previous breeding... all very nice looking animals. 

But mostly... OMG. Giz. 

I even kinda like his name. Although I'd call him Gizmo. Or Killer McBitey.

He looks the most alert and intelligent of all of his puppy brothers. I just want to kiss his little puppy nose!

The only issue is that he is in Tennessee. Not Knoxville, TN, which we could reach by car in about 8 hours, but of course Somerville, TN which is nearly 14 hours away. If we can pick up the pup at 7 weeks, we may opt to drive, but otherwise I think that we may have him shipped. Once gas, tolls, hotel and marital happiness is factored in, I think that shipping him is the smart choice.

SO keep your fingers crossed that we will have this little guy snug in his own little puppy bed two weeks from today.

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