Monday, December 2, 2013

Photo Dump

It's been a while since I blogged any photos from my DSLR. Then again, I haven't been taking that many photos.

Tonight I had planned on packing for the DR trip, but I seem to have misplaced my metallic wedges and dive log, so that has me in a funk. First world problems, I know.

So I decided to take a break from my frantic searching and dump some photos from the last few months.


This year's tree

Open Water Class. We got to help set up all of that equipment when we took Advanced Open Water.

The four people closest to the camera were in our Open Water class at AACC

 Can you tell that Sean is a cop?
 Sean visited during Punkin Chunkin... he and Jay spent most of the weekend shooting each other with Nerf guns.

I'm still finding darts all over the house

Funfetti cupcake for Jay's birthday

Make a wish

This is Monkey, the resident dog at Lake Rawlings... he has quite the reputation there. He has stolen everything from fins to Subway sandwiches. He's so freaking cute though, how could you be mad?

Monkey waiting for Jay to abandon our bag of Dunkin Donuts. This was the morning of our Advanced Open Water Class. Definitely the coldest weather I've ever camped in. 28. Brr.

Above the water, a beautiful lake. Below the water, fun things to see.

We finally got the fly right on our tent

Our collective Advanced Open Water Class gear. We didn't want to get it mixed up with the Open Water student's stuff. Well, that and it's OUR gear. I don't want them putting their grubby fingers on my shiny new Aqualung Pearl BCD.

Our dive computers the morning of our second day of diving, warning us of the dangers of DCS. Diving is very safe, as long as you practice your skills and stay within your level of experience. Plan your dive and dive your plan.

We are still loving Fanny the Forester. She is much nicer off road and on dirt roads than Sweet Roxie.

I love Christmas lights

And good news... while I was waiting for my photos to upload, I found the shoes that I was looking for and Jay told me that my log book is in his truck.
I think it's time for bed! Tomorrow is another day.

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