Monday, December 16, 2013

Puerto Plata

A little sunburned, itchy, and perhaps even slightly bent... but a fun trip altogether.

Our instructor Peter took photos of us diving and shared them on Facebook... sure was swell of him!

Nearly every night began or ended with Cards Against Humanity

I love a hookah bar

The local woman on the left of this photo has a basket of flip flops on her head

Merlin Divers

Mimosas every day

Fun and games by the pool bar

Since it rained most days for at least a few minutes, there were heaps of rainbows

In Sosua outside of the dive shop. Saw quite a few guys napping on their motorbikes. Impressive!

Serenity Beach - my favorite beach on the resort

More to come. I am still recovering from all of the food, booze, and bites.


  1. Looks like a great vaca! Cards against humanity is such a fun game. I am hoping Santa brings me the expansion pack. I get into MD on Friday and would like to grab a glass of wine.

  2. It definitely was a fun vacation, even with the republicans! Hope that we can still meet up while you're in town.