Wednesday, January 1, 2014

25 Things for 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 will be an exciting and challenging year, but I am up for it!

My biggest goal has to do with my new job. I have to take a big scary test and it means that I am going to have to study my ass off and have no social life for the first few months. But once I pass it, life should get a little easier. I expect my new job to be challenging and rewarding, but the test will be the worst part.

Some of these are from my 101 list, so that I actually complete them on time. 
  1. Pass the Series 7 exam.
  2. Housebreak our dog.
  3. Finish the fence.
  4. Plant a garden.
  5. Finish at least one closet of the two unfinished ones.
  6. Rearrange upstairs bedrooms.
  7. Find pet-friendly accommodations.
  8. Take a road trip with our dog.
  9. Go on vacation somewhere new.
  10. Do something that I'm afraid of.
  11. Blog at least twice a week (or 104 posts for the year).
  12. Spend more time around the water (sunning, diving, swimming, boating, or sailing)
  13. Try paddleboarding.
  14. Actually send out Christmas cards in 2014.
  15. Get my wedding ring re-sized.
  16. Come up with new savings goals & reallocate funds.
  17. Spend a weekend in NYC.
  18. Swim 1000 yards (I might finally accomplish this)
  19. Frame and hang at least one of my photos.
  20. Start foyer photo wall.
  21. Spread some of Dad at Martinak. Maybe on his birthday.
  22. Stay in better touch with relatives.
  23. Log at least 365 miles, walking or running. One mile each day (totally doable!)
  24. Complete an obedience class with our pup.
  25. Throw an awesome dinner party.
What's on your list? 

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