Thursday, January 23, 2014

Has it been two weeks??


So sorry! I am still alive, barely. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind... first, wrapping everything up at my old job, taking care of the puppy, then I got sick, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Puppy biting everything. Puppy housebreaking. Puppy needs attention. More attention. MORE ATTENTION!! Why are you looking at your phone? I will bite it! BITE BITE BITE! Whine whine BARK! Throw the ball, THROW THE BALL!!!

Loki is living up to his name. Jay says it's all my fault.

No, I will not eat the rest of my food, I want to play. I will grab your pant leg and pull. Don't even think about folding laundry! I will steal your socks.

You will take me outside, I will pee. Then I will come inside and pee again, just to spite you.

It's a damn good thing the little bastard is cute, because I have wanted to strangle him nearly every day. No more puppies. Ever.

I've equated it to having a rabid two year old on crack with ADHD and VERY sharp teeth.

People are like, "Awww, it's just like having a baby."

Umm, no. At least a baby takes lots of naps and wakes up crying every hour or two. You feed it and change its diaper and it goes back to sleep. With a baby, you don't have to keep taking it outside in 10 degree weather and 6 inches of snow. And then wait for it to go potty. And repeat once every hour or two.

This little jerk takes maybe two naps a day, half an hour each, and you'd better nap while he does. I try to wear him down by taking him to the park. He'll take a mile or two mile walk, start to whine when he gets tired. He'll sleep in the car for the five minute ride home, wake up, then proceed to run around like a crazy dog, biting pant legs, fingers, and anything else he can get his sharp puppy teeth around.

When we're home, he wants to play constantly. He will play fetch for hours. He does not have an off switch. After a half hour or 45 minute play session, I will want to take a break. You know, to eat. Cue the whining. And the barking. And the biting. And the chewing. GAHHH!!!

I don't know what to do! I feel bad locking him in his crate, but he just won't sit still and chill out with me. Toys only pique his interest for a few minutes, then he's off on his next adventure of chewing power cords and table legs.

So let's just say that my week off hasn't exactly been relaxing. I've also been studying for my Series 7 exam. Talk about dry material... it's a bit like reading the phone book. Oh well, at least I'm making progress. My test score has increased by 2 points so far this week.

So that's what is going on. I probably won't be blogging quite as much until my life gets back under control. Once the puppy is housebroken and once I pass my Series 7 exam, I will be blogging much more frequently!

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