Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still alive... barely!

So the new job, new puppy and studying have been taking a toll on me. There are also some other things going on, health and family-wise. So add all of those things together and the blogging just hasn't been happening.

One day each week I have a 12+ hour day where I go for work and training in another office. So there is the high intensity of my new position, an average of two hours a night studying for my Series 7, the puppy and trying to eat dinner. And family drama. And trying to still have some time for my husband. Oh, and a lot of insomnia. By the weekends, I am completely drained. Eventually I will attain the knowledge I need, but there are a shit-ton more products than I'm used to - even though I am experienced in the field, it is way more intense than my old positions. Part of me is wondering what the hell I was thinking, but on the other hand, I am being challenged and I know I'll never get bored. There will always be something new to learn!

This has been my mantra recently.

All of that said, the last month has more or less sucked, to be honest. The weather has also not been helping much... all I want to do is hibernate. Between the weather and being tired from the studying/job/puppy/insomnia, I've been anti-social. Going out or seeing people is the last thing I feel like doing right now... if I have any "free" time, I'm spending it napping (with the puppy, that's more attempting to nap) or hanging out with Jay.

And this. I must be mindful of this. I'm feeling very unbalanced in my life right now. I've never tried meditation, so I think I'll be giving it a try. Perhaps it is what I need! Here's hoping for a more upbeat post next time.


  1. Congrats on the new job! The first month at my job I barely had time to think or breathe. It will get easier. Family drama always blows. Hope you have a good week. Kelly

  2. Thanks Kelly! I am still keeping up with your blog.., I am really hoping that things work out with you and this new guy!!! So exciting! :):)