Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#9 Go on vacation somewhere new.

I'll be completing #9 from my 25 things list this weekend!

Despite my considerable travel experiences, I have never been to Maine. I thought that "visit Maine" was on my 101 list, but apparently it didn't make it on the list.

So we'll be traveling to Ogunquit, Maine this weekend. Since I'm pregnant, we want to stay somewhat close to home. We did think of going to Florida or doing an all-inclusive, but it's better for me to go somewhere cooler where my ankles don't swell as much.

Our trip has already had some hiccups... we booked a rental property from Saturday-Saturday, but then found out that Jay's best friend Brian is getting married in New York on Sunday. Rather last minute! So we are having to delay our plans, including having to rearrange a longer visit with my cousin in Boston, which I'm bummed about. We're now spending the weekend in Long Island and will spend the following Saturday afternoon with my cousin and her family in Boston. But we will still have five full days in Ogunquit, so that is good!

I'm planning to take a lot of photos, since my poor camera hasn't seen the light of day for a while.

Other plans: eat plenty of lobster, go on walks, read books, and enjoy some quiet time with the husband before we welcome our screaming blobfish of joy into our lives around August 28th.

Speaking of vacation, we are planning our next big trip - and the first one with the baby. One of these days we will actually use our timeshare, and I'm hoping that by contacting them now for next June that we can actually land a decent place in Hawaii. The plan is in the early stages, but my Australian Auntie thinks that she may be able to meet us out there next year. It's kind of halfway between OZ and the US. And this way she'll be able to see us and her great-nephew and we will be able to do some diving. I don't think we'll be taking the trip back to OZ until our kid is old enough to remember the trip and appreciate it just a little - i.e. think that lorikeets, koalas and roos are the coolest thing ever - maybe when he's 4 or 5? And then hopefully he'll fall in love with diving like mom and dad, and then we could take him again when he's older and a certified diver. Or maybe he won't love diving and will find something else fun to do. It's Australia after all.

Of course going back to OZ will be out the window if we have a second kid. I'm pretty sure that we can swing these kinds of epic trips once every five years or so if we just have one child, but the second kid would wipe out that kind of discretionary spending. And honestly, I really don't enjoy being pregnant!

So three posts in three days... not too bad. Glad that I could put in some time over the weekend blogging! I do miss it.

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