Sunday, March 6, 2016

Food Stamp Challenge Starts Tomorrow

So the bulk of the food has been purchased for the Food Stamp Challenge.

Yes, that is Markface's little hand grabbing for the bananas.

One of the major impacts for me is my Rise Up Coffee addiction. It costs $15 a pound, which is nearly half of what one person would eat a week. Wow. We go through probably one bag every other week, but during this challenge I will be giving up my Rise Up. I bought some other coffee that will hopefully be palatable.

I decided to spend a little extra on my yogurt for the challenge too. One of my breakfast items is going to be fridge oatmeal, which I had started eating a few months back. It's filling and pretty healthy. 

Another larger purchase I made was cheese. I spent about $5 a pound on cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. I'll be cutting those up for snacks and shredding them for some planned dinners.

It was quite an interesting experience to be checking out in line and thinking, "Geez, this is really adding up. Maybe I shouldn't have bought that brand of yogurt."

I'm looking forward to the challenge and am also hoping that it will kick off better eating and spending habits as well.

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  1. SNAP is meant to be supplemental, so the creators of the challenge ignore one critical fact. Those who depend on food stamps for all of their paid food (and there are indeed many federal, state and private sources of free food) do not receive an amount equal to the average allotment. Rather they receive the maximum. Using the average is therefore an illogical, deceptive choice, which I suspect was chosen either in ignorance or with the intent to make the challenge harder than it should be. The max SNAP benefit is $194 per month, or $45 per week, not $30 per week.

    By the way I am told that Aldi's coffee is excellent, at $2.75 per pound, somewhat more for the "gourmet" version.