Friday, December 16, 2016

First Markface-Free Trip

Here are some photo highlights from our trip to the Yucatan. I still have to download the pics I took at Chichen Itza from my camera.

Highlights of the week were diving at MUSA, exploring Isla Mujeres, and another fantastic outing with Alberto from One Percent Travel

MUSA - Manchones Reef

Catfish at Cenote Oxman outside Valladolid

MUSA Manchones Reef

Cenote Oxman

Pequeno Manchones Reef

El Castillo, Chichen Itza

Corn Ice Cream in Valladolid Square

Proof that I was in Cenote Oxman

"Usie" by ruins in Isla Mujeres

Time Bomb - MUSA 

The Silent Evolution, MUSA

The Silent Evolution, MUSA

Cenote Oxman

Full post coming soon... I have to fully review visiting Chichen Itza (I liked Coba better - less touristy), as that is one of my five UNESCO for 46 and 47 of my 101 list.