Friday, December 16, 2016

First Markface-Free Trip

Here are some photo highlights from our trip to the Yucatan. I still have to download the pics I took at Chichen Itza from my camera.

Highlights of the week were diving at MUSA, exploring Isla Mujeres, and another fantastic outing with Alberto from One Percent Travel

MUSA - Manchones Reef

Catfish at Cenote Oxman outside Valladolid

MUSA Manchones Reef

Cenote Oxman

Pequeno Manchones Reef

El Castillo, Chichen Itza

Corn Ice Cream in Valladolid Square

Proof that I was in Cenote Oxman

"Usie" by ruins in Isla Mujeres

Time Bomb - MUSA 

The Silent Evolution, MUSA

The Silent Evolution, MUSA

Cenote Oxman

Full post coming soon... I have to fully review visiting Chichen Itza (I liked Coba better - less touristy), as that is one of my five UNESCO for 46 and 47 of my 101 list.


  1. The pictures are marvelous, especially one of debris under the sea that resembles a car. There is a beginning but not much text after that. Some narrative details would have been better.

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