About Me

Well hello there! Thanks so much for visiting.

I'm Lauren, an ENFP in my early mid thirties. I have a great career in the financial world that pays the bills. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up. Actually, that's a lie. My dream job would be to become a professional actor (although it's been 10+ years since I've been onstage or on the small screen). Failing earning a living onscreen, I would also be happy with a career in photography, professional blogging, or becoming a professional traveler. That's a job, right?

I live on the eastern shore of Maryland with my awesome husband, infant  toddler son, two cats, crazy dog, and approximately 16 chickens (depending on how many my dog has eaten). 

I love travel, scuba diving, artsy things, photography, music, dancing, cooking, drinking wine, and spending time with my friends (and inexplicably, I'm loving motherhood - something I assumed I wasn't cut out for). Oh, and I also enjoy ghost hunting. I try to garden and practice self-sufficiency to help survive the zombie apocalypse. It doesn't always work out. I also attempt to stay fit and active. You'll probably read a lot about my latest attempts to exercise and eat better. This doesn't always work out either, but I believe in progress and not perfection.

My DC firefighter hubby and I rehabbed my 100 year old childhood home for about four years to get it to its current state. We've learned a lot and are more or less finished. Check out the journey in photos here. Oh, and did I mention that the hubs and I met on eHarmony?  It's true!

We are finished the big projects on the house, but there are always more projects to take on in an old house. Plus the hubby enjoys building things. The outside of the house and outbuildings are the latest undertakings. Next steps are building a deck and making a nice outdoor area to hang out. 

This blog was originally started as a place to keep my recipes and talk about my house rehab nightmares. However, it's become more of a day to day life blog with a little bit of everything thrown in. And since little Markface was born, some more day to day life with a kid, plus the adventures (or misadventures) in traveling with a small person.


  1. Excited to be following you, didn't realized you blogged until Kelly linked us.

  2. Hi Jackie! Yeah, I haven't posted a link to my blog on Facebook yet. I'm not sure if I ever will. ;-) I've been following you though!